Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whisky

It was on 1984 when this 12-year-old Yamazaki single malt first came in the market. If you are looking for aromatic Yamazaki, you should consult Drink2Connect now. We offer such product that has a lovely citrus with more tropical fruit note and a little rum. Its finish is with fruit and zest to make it even tastier. Learn more about this product by calling our hotline.

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Yamazaki 12 Year old Whisky, 70cl, (Acl: 43%)

SGD $259.80


Buy Yamazaki 12 Year Old whisky, 70cl, Acl: 43% at our Online Drink2Connect Shop with 24/7 Alcohol Delivery in Singapore.

Order Japanese Single Malt Yamazaki Whisky This 12 year old from Yamazaki first came onto the market in 1984 and was the first seriously marketed Japanese single malt whisky. This 12 year old... 

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