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04 May 2017

Drink2Connect makes your best choice for your premium alcohol needs!

Drink2Connect is an alcohol e-commerce store, founded and owned by Cass Koh, a connoisseur in premium alcohol with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.  The company has changed its strategic directions to focus on Japanese whiskey and premium/collectible scotch whiskey, to align itself with the current market trend.


Fancy a nice evening with your friends or business partners, sitting together enjoying glass after glass of Japanese whisky? Enjoyed either neat or on the rocks, the good Japanese whisky will rise to any occasion. Check out our collection of Japanese whisky today.


Perhaps you prefer a bottle of Japanese sake over dinner with your family? You will not be disappointed with our collection of sake. As any sake connoisseur will know, you can’t go wrong with Dassai and Kubota when it comes to the Japanese fermented rice wine and you will be spoilt for choices at our online store!


Need wine for an upcoming wedding dinner or company event? You will be right at home at Drink2Connect with their wide selection of exquisite wines within your budget to suit your palate for good wines.


Do check back to this blog as we seek to bring you the latest promotion, must-buy deals and wine tasting events from Drink2Connect!


For the best Japanese whisky, sake and wine, please visit www.drink2connect.com.sg.


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