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16 Dec 2017

Kiku-Masamune - the perfect complement to any cuisine and the perfect gift for your love ones

We all know that sake, like sushi and sashimi, is an integral part of Japanese cuisine. But did you know that in Japan, the word sake is actually an umbrella term that encompasses all alcoholic drinks. The rice wine that we know as sake is nihonshu in Japanese.

One of the more popular brands of sake has to be Kiku-Masamune. It is a dry sake that has a crisp, clean finish that perfectly complements any cuisine, enhancing its flavour.

How does the Kiku-Masamune enhance the flavour of food? Simple, the dry sake has no sweet aftertaste, unlike many of the fads sake in the market these days, and does not alter the taste of food.

Besides the perfect complement for food, Kiku-Masamune barrel sake is also the perfect gift for birthdays and for the elders as the word ?on the bottle means longevity in both Chinese and Japanese language. Need a gift for a birthday celebration? Need a gift for your father or father-in-law? Look no further than the Kiku-Masamune. Wish your loved ones longevity by gifting the Kiku-Masamune barrel sake.

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